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January 15th
February 14th
March 16th
April 15th
May 14th
June 12th
July 12th
August 10th
September 8th
October 8th
November 6th
December 6th

for my followers who are werewolves

for my followers who are dating werewolves

to all my followers that want to avoid werewolves

for all my followers who want to become werewolves

for all my followers who hunt werewolves

for all my followers who were werewolves and want to watch the view. 

Anonymous asked:

What bothers me about Hogwart's paintings is that they're all realistc or medieval-ish and just makes me wonder what happens if a wizard paints some cubist nonsensical shit. Would it move? Would it talk? Would it ask you for the password, or would it tell you about the meanings of within? I guess we'll never know because Dumbledore is not a fan of modern art

maisiewilliams answered:

this is a solid question

hufflepuffpontmercy asked:

okay okay "shit are you bleeding?!" montparnasse/jehan

waywarddevil answered:

This never got super angsty, just weird and slightly fluffy… whatever.

"That was a fucking disaster," Montparnasse laughed drunkenly, stumbling outside of the dance club with an equally intoxicated Jehan leaning heavily on his shoulder. "I have- hic!- never seen so many angry bikers in my- hic!- life, man.” He blinked rapidly. “And I used to dance part-time, y’know. Lotsa angry hetero- hic!-sexuals at those places. Lotsa bikers.” He frowned. “Still paid, though.”

"Disaster," repeated Jehan in a slurred voice. “‘Parnasse?"

Montparnasse slowly rolled his head around to face his boyfriend, still laughing. “Yeah?”

"Why’s my shirt wet?"

Montparnasse blinked. “D’you… spill your drink?” He peered at Jehan’s garishly patterned t-shirt, then gasped. “Shit, are you bleeding?”

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