Anonymous asked:

honestly, tumblr sj is so pathetic sometimes. transphobia doesn't matter if you're male, and ableism doesn't matter if you're white. it's a competition, and i doubt that half of the disabled "genderqueer/trans" people are in those groups at all!

I feel sorry for people who are always agry. They are damaging themselves and the people around them. I won’t be a part of this anymore.

narglesatemyhomework asked:

Your blog was one of the first ones I ever followed, and I've always thought you were a really cool person and much-needed voice of reason on tumblr. It makes me so mad that a bunch of professional victims decided to police everyone else, and I want to let you know that I support your opinions and right to express them 100%. Tumblr is just another shitty environment. I hope it hasn't ruined your day, and I think you're amazing. Standing up for an unpopular opinion on here is brave.


Anonymous asked:

just saying but if your 'good news' post was sarcastic that's more ableist because you're making fun of people with legitimate triggers? like it's hard to know what you're trying to say tbh but if 'it's very likely I have a mental disease' was sarcastic that was really albeist because it's making a joke out of self diagnosis (which is also classist). not attacking, just pointing it out.

Go on. Spend time trying to interpret something someone on the internet has said only because you want to judge that someone. I really don’t care anymore.

original-southern-timelord asked:

Well my Italians hella rusty but I'll give it a go and I'm sure they'd be willing to lend a hand where I get stuck. I would just like to see the sources

I’ll just tell them to you. It’s The Divided self, by Laing. I’ve learnt so far a lot of interesting facts on ontological insecurity. It’s made me both anxious and relaxed on my personal situation, of which I’m not ready to talk about so freely.

original-southern-timelord asked:

Not much but I know someone who does.

And you would ask that person to translate a very long italian speech just to be sure that some person you don’t know on the internet said something that could or couldn’t be judged as ableist if you interpret it in a certain, personal way? No judging, just asking. 
Because, I don’t know if you are referring to the ‘Good news’ post, but that was sarcastic. Of course, sarcasm is hard to read on the internet, unless you know the person. That’s why, you know. People shouldn’t. Judge people. That they don’t personally know. Based on a couple of posts.

furiouscuddles asked:

'You are judging me for a couple of things I said on the internet' which is, you know, kind of exactly what you're doing as well.

I’m not judging anybody really. Let me repeat that. I’m not judging anybody. I just said an opinion, got attacked, and now I’m telling people to leave me alone. 

Anonymous asked:

I'm sorry people are sending you shit, but don't be quiet and don't let them talk over you. Thank you for speaking out. We need it right now.

Thank you, thank you Anon. I’m not very good at defending myself. I have a crappy past of being bullied and personally attacked so I get pretty messed up. I may not have panic attacks, but everyone has their own way of feeling anxious. 
The craziest thing for me is that I still never, never insulted anyone, nor said something homophobix, sexist, racist, and so on. But still, whenever I say something, people attack me personally, like I am what I say
The world is crazy.